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Crossing the River

The Mental Aspects of Sports


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Find Balance with High Performance Coaching & Consulting

Moving You Forward

Are you feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands? It is not because of what your doing but what you are not doing. Learning how to find your dreams and having the tools to reach them is key. Through evocative coaching, I help people like you, find the answers that you already have but are not aware of. Once you learn to overcome and manage your fears, self doubts and limitations, your will unlock a whole new life that you will love living.

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What is Coaching?

In any area  of life whether you are looking at sports, business and industry, finances or any area of life, one thing is true, the more awareness and knowledge you have the better results you will get.

The question is how do you get greater awareness and knowledge?

One way is to do what people had to do through the years and try to learn by trial and error or you can learn from those that already know and have already walked the path that you are trying to pursue.

What a coach provides, is direction, guidance, knowledge and support. A coach is not there to do things for you, but rather to help you succeed.

Unfortunately, many times you look for help and advice from the wrong people.

Have you ever noticed that people are always giving you advice or shall we say their opinion on what you should do or not do? 

It is important that you get guidance and

advice from those that have successfully gone through what you want to achieve.

If you want to be an olympic athlete you wouldn't ask someone who has never competed in the olympics. If you want to learn to play the harp, you wouldn't go to a guitar teacher. You would not get advice on running a successful business from someone who has not been successful in business.

The more successful you are, the more important it is to have someone to help you reach your greater goals. A coach is someone that will help you increase your knowledge and awareness to help you succeed.

Life Coaching

We specializein providing life coaching to those that that are struggling in any area of life. This could be in any of the major domains in life, such as health and well-being, vocation/career, relationships, and time and money freedom. Quite often, people are struggling in more than one area. Let us help you, find what you really want out of life and provide you with the tools, resources, and direction to help you get to where you want.

Evocative Coaching

While there are many forms and approaches to coaching, we specialize in evocative coaching. Unlike directive coaching in

which the coach instructs or directs an individual as to what he or she should do,

know that all the power and answers are within each human. Through evocative coaching, we help individuals find these answers by increasing your awareness allowing you to take the steps you need to take in order to navigate through the maze

of life allowing you to live the life you love living.

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