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Mental Aspects of Sports

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offering of programs 

for coaches, players, and parents.

Programs are customized for the specific sport the athlete is competing in such as baseball, football, lacrosse, etc.


The Missing LInk for Sports Success: The Mental Game of Sports

8-Week Coaching Program

The Mental Game  of Sports - The Missing Link for Sports Success

What Players Need to Know

The Mental Game of Sports: the Missing Link for SportsSuccess -

What Coaches Need to Knows

The Mental Game of Sports: The Missing of Youth Sports

What Parents Need to Know

Services we offer

Discovery Session

This is the first step into the Life Coaching process. In this session we explore 3 areas.

1-What are your longings and discontents that you want to take action about.

2- What is your vision and dreams

3- Recommend stops to move in the direction of your dreams.

Note: Cost of Discovery session may be applied to cost of full coaching program when enrolled.

 One on One Coaching

Various coaching programs to help our clients discover what they really want in their life in such a way that they have a greater clarity, confidence and the courage to get unstock and make the changes they really want.


We offer Coaching Programs from basic to advanced to help or clients grow including:

·    Dream Builder

·    Life Mastery

·    Working with the Law

·    Into the Genius

·    Standing Firm


Group Coaching

Same as One-on-One coaching, however, it is in a group setting, where clients get a chance to share with each other, learn together and support each other through the process.

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Business Meeting
Group Meeting

Consulting Services

We offer a wide array of consulting services for writing SOPs or SOGs, Polices, and procedures.

We specialize in Safety and educational services.



Workshops/Seminars/Speaking Engagements

If you or your group is looking for presentations that can inspire and push people to the next level or just need some encouragement. We can help you. We offer speeches/presentations and are able to help meet your specific needs. In addition to motivational speaking, we provide workshops and seminars in many areas including but not limited to  self-help, health, and well-being, parenting, positive reinforcement, sports psychology, and other areas. Customized seminars are available to meet your organization or group needs.   

Giving a Speech
Services: Welcome
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