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What is the first step to begin coaching?

Contact me via email or phone and we will set up a strategy session to see if my services are a good fit and what program suits you best.

What are your fees?

The investment in yourself is based on your needs and  desires. This will be discussed during a strategy session.

What is coaching?

While many types of coaching exist, we rely mostly on evocative coaching for our clients. Evocative Coaching supports the client in understanding that inspiration, ideas, thoughts and everything required to live a life they love living is already within themselves

In what areas does coaching deal with?

We help people improve their life in any area. Life's challenges usually fall into the area of health and well-being, relationships, vocation (work), time and money freedom.

Is coaching done as an individual or group?

We offer both group and individual coaching to meet the clients needs.

Do you speak to groups?

Yes, we offer presentations of various lengths to meet specific company or group needs..

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